2018-2019 Officers & Area Representatives

Executive Committee
Chair Celeste Corpening 7609 cmcorpen@uncc.edu ITS
Vice Chair Rachel Pierson-Bonin 0668 rpierso1@uncc.edu HR - Staffing/Employment
Treasurer Jill Gosnell 5701 jjgosnell@uncc.edu Registrar
Secretary Pam Erickson 8804 pamela.erickson@uncc.edu College of Education
Communications Officer Julia Stuart 5614 jstuart5@uncc.edu EPIC
Area 01
Office of the Chancellor; Office of the Chancellor Emeritus; Office of Legal Affairs; Internal Audit; Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Office of Classroom Support Services; International Programs; Division of University Advancement; Center City Office Staff; Senior Assistant to the Chancellor & Assistant Secretary of the Board of Trustees; Associate Provost Academic Budget and Personnel; Dean, University College; University Advising; and Levine Scholars Program Center  
Representative Kimberly Gray 8911 kim.gray@uncc.edu Office of Undergraduate Education
Alternate Audra Esposito 7722 abesposi@uncc.edu UCOL - Transfer Center
Area 02
Enrollment Management (Office of the Registrar, Undergraduate Admissions, Office of Student Financial Aid, Office of Adult Students and Evening Services (OASES), Residency Determination Office, Call Center Operations and Solutions Management); Associate Provost Academic Services Office (includes: Athletic Academic Center, Disability Services, Honors College, Multicultural Academic Services; University Center for Academic Excellence; University Career Center)  
Representative Le'Aira Hames 7279 leaira.hames@uncc.edu Undergraduate Admissions
Alternate Brooke Brown 0789 brooke.brown@uncc.edu Career Center
Area 03
J. Murrey Atkins Library; Associate Provost Graduate Programs and Dean of the Graduate School (The Graduate School, Enrollment Services and Information Systems; Graduate Student Affairs, and International Student Affairs)  
Representative Sharon Reichard 0481 sharonreichard@uncc.edu Atkins Library
Alternate Annette Parks 7234 arparks@uncc.edu The Graduate School
Area 04
Information and Technology Services  
Representative Stephanie Lee 1357 slee185@uncc.edu ITS
Alternate David Tabone 1853 dtabone@uncc.edu ITS
Area 05
Housing and Residence Life  
Representative Tammy Hichman 7505 tallman@uncc.edu Housing & Residence Life
Alternate TBD      
Area 06
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences  
Representative Keith Jung 8958 keith.jung@uncc.edu Biological Sciences
Alternate Susan Bunton 0051 striple4@uncc.edu College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Area 07
College of Education; College of Health and Human Services  
Representative Brandi Lewis 8163 bllewis@uncc.edu College of Education
Alternate Jessica Ward 0542 jvward@uncc.edu Educational Leadership
Area 08
William States Lee College of Engineering; College of Computing & Informatics  
Representative Tracy Beauregard 8320 tlbeaure@uncc.edu College of Engineering MEES
Alternate TBD      
Area 09
Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance; Budget Office; Controller's Office; Financial Systems Support; Materials Management; Treasury Services  
Representative Sharon Witherspoon 7320 s.witherspoon@uncc.edu Financial Services
Alternate TBD      
Area 10
Office of Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs; Business Services; Office of Vice Chancellor for Human Resources; Office of Vice Chancellor for Risk Management, Safety, and Security; Director, Systems Development  
Representative Latonya Johnson 5747 ljohn193@uncc.edu Business Services
Alternate Helena Connors 0279 hconnor2@uncc.edu Auxiliary Services
Area 11
Facilities Management - Administration  
Representative Carolyn Lewis 0545 clewis71@uncc.edu FM-HR
Alternate TBD      
Area 12
Facilities Management - Building Environmental Services  
Representative Virgie Fewell 8957 vfewell@uncc.edu FM-BES
Alternate Katherine Humphries 7398 khumphr9@uncc.edu FM-BES
Area 13
Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs; Dean of Students; Research & Systems Development; Health Programs & Services and Counseling Center (Student Health Center; Counseling Center); Director of Budget and Personnel Administration  
Representative Karen King 7419 kking72@uncc.edu Student Health Center
Alternate TBD      
Area 14
Representative Michael Garrett 4950 megarret@uncc.edu Athletics
Alternate Jennifer Winningham 1057 jenniferwinningham@uncc.edu Athletics
Area 15A
Facilities Management - Facilities Operations Central Operations: Controls, Lock Shop, Renovations Utilities: Fire Alarms/High Voltage, Steam Plant, Grounds, Automotive, Motor Fleet  
Representative Ronnie Bell 0588 rbell@uncc.edu Key Shop
Alternate Kyle Thomas   kthom162@uncc.edu Ground
Area 15B
Facilities Management - Facilities Operations Area A: Zones 1,2,3 and 7 Area B: Food Services - Zone 4, Zones 5 and 6  
Representative Jeff Saer 8959 jsaer@uncc.edu FM-Zone 2
Alternate TBD      
Area 16
Research and Economic Development; Metropolitan Studies and Extended Academic Programs; Institutional Research; Charlotte Research Institute (Ben Craig Center)  
Representative Katie Addison 8842 katie.addison@uncc.edu Continuing Education
Alternate Pearl Brown 7733 plbrown@uncc.edu Research and Economic Development
Area 17
Associate Vice Chancellor Student Union, Activities and Recreation; Student Activities, Diversity and Special Projects (Student Activity Center (SAC), Religious & Spiritual Life, Venture Outdoor Education); Student Union; Cone University Center; Recreational Facilities Management; Recreational Services  
Representative Liz Rosenberger 1909 liz.rosenberger@uncc.edu Recreational Services
Alternate Bionnca Andrews 0715 bandre17@uncc.edu Cone Center Conferences
Area 18
College of Arts and Architecture; Belk College of Business  
Representative Meredith Klauss 0102 mklauss@uncc.edu College of Arts + Architecture
Alternate Tim Carmichael 7692 tim.carmichael@uncc.edu College of Business

Revised 2/21/2019

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