2017-2018 Committee Rosters

Current Issues & Staff Relations

Works to articulate the top 10 issues on an ongoing basis identified by SPA and EPA staff members to be brought forth to the Chancellor. Reviews issues and concerns regarding University and departmental procedures. Recommends methods of addressing issues and concerns through the Staff Council to the appropriate administrators.

Angela Allen
Tammy Allman
Ronnie Bell
Clyde Derberry
Audra Esposito
Frank Hogan
Suzanne Jasmine
Karen King
Carolyn Lewis
Daryl Lewis
LoTonja Miller
Kayla Picca
Rachel Pierson-Bonin
Sharon Reichard
Jeff Saer
Jessica Ward
Debby Watts

Education & Events:

Plans and/or coordinates special events and professional development opportunities. Develops and coordinates service projects for the Council.

Ronaka Adams
Angela Allen
Tammy Allman
Jenna Baker
Lora Bassett
Virgie Fewell
Beverly Guessford
Janasha King
Daryl Lewis
Dwight Nealey
Kimberly Sowa

Operational Support:

Oversees the nomination and election process of members to the Council. Reviews the Council Constitution and Bylaws and makes recommendations for any needed changes. 

Tammy Allen
Julia Martin
Celeste Corpening
Shelly Theriault
Penny Stevens
Celeste Corpening
Pam Erickson

Safety Committee:

Subcommittee to help oversee various safety events and awareness across campus.

Angela Allen
Lora Bassett